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Dubai Collections 24K Miami Cuban Link Chain 9MM, Real Solid Heavy Premium Gold Overlay Jewelry Pendant Necklace 24 Inches

Incredible Chic Collections LLC

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These are the chains all the rappers & R&B singers are wearing right now! These classic hip hop chains are plated with 24K for a solid gold like finish and luster and comes with a secure clasp. You get the exact same look and feel as a 500 Carat solid gold chain without dropping $10,000.00USD. No cheap base metals copper that turns green or nickel that is toxic. Our trade secret is in the special SEMI-PRECIOUS alloy of the best bonding metals we use to ensure the look of solid gold and its long life. We use the latest PVD technology to plate our products Our prices are insanely good, and we are running a special promotion only for our Amazon customers purchase while supplies last. Our chain is covered with a special protection coating to guard against tarnishing. If it gets damaged or wears in any way, WE FIX OR REPLACE IT FOR FREE! - 100% FREE WARRANTY FOR ALL DUBAI COLLECTIONS PRODUCTS - Exclusive discount offers Available at a low price only for limited time
  • YES, YOU CAN BUY AN EXPENSIVE SOLID GOLD CHAIN, but that’s an investment. Gold coin or gold bullion would be a better investment, since you’re saving on overhead for craftsmanship, brand name and middlemen. Would you wear your expensive gold chain anywhere at anytime? Not likely. If you did, It could be life threatening in some situations. So what’s the point of owning a chain if you can’t wear it?
  • PROBLEM SOLVED! You not only save money for more important things in your life, but you can wear our jewelry anytime anywhere without risk of loss or theft. Buy ours ONCE and if ANY DAMAGE OR WEAR occurs, we’ll replace it for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE… FREE. No gimmick, THIS IS TRUE. So… you’re welcome!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures this will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase. We guarantee all our customers 100% satisfaction from our products!Our Pride is keeping our customers happy and satisfied.